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Thank you for visiting my website! Please feel free to share your thoughts and your memories about having my voice as a part of your special day or in concert.

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Aria sang for my wedding and I was captivated by her beautiful voice. With all of the surrounding excitement of that special day, I was able to pause to hear the angelic voice of hers through the church. I have run into Aria in the community on several occasions since the wedding. She is always as pleasant and easy going as she was the first time I met her before the wedding. My guests still talk about her beautiful voice and it has been two years now. Thank you Aria!!!

Jennie Alpaugh

Aria is absolutely amazing. I met Aria while teaching at a charter school in New Orleans. We parted ways, but I came across her mother's name when I went to see Porgy and Bess. (Beautiful performance!) I then ran into Aria the night after I got engaged, we caught up for a few minutes and she let me know that she sang for weddings! It was perfect! My ceremony was exactly the way I wanted it, and I have Aria to thank. I was able to pick the songs I wanted, and she helped guide me along the way (especially with regard to navigating which songs should be sung at which parts in the ceremony). She already knew my organist, Albinas, at Trinity Church, and the two of them worked out the music together. I don't think she knew at the time how much I truly appreciated all of her help and willingness to work with everyone. Now to praise her (and her mother's) amazing voices. Words cannot describe how beautiful her voice is, and how beautiful her and her mother sound together. There aren't many specific details I remember about my wedding ceremony - it all went by so quickly - but I do remember her singing while I stood at the altar. (I also remember that when I needed a tissue on the altar, she had one ready and passed it to me!) I still receive compliments on the ceremony and music. I am truly blessed to know her and her mother. Aria will create an unforgettable experience for you, your guests and anyone who happens to be in the vicinity and hears her voice. Thank you, Aria, from the bottom of my heart.

Meg Manthey

I met Aria in high school through mutual friends of ours who were involved in the New Orleans musical theater scene. The first time I heard her sing at a wedding was when I was standing as a bridesmaid for one of those mutual friends, and Aria's voice came floating down from the choir loft of our high school chapel. It was poignant, beautiful and just stunning to hear how my friend's voice filled that chapel. I knew then and there that if I ever got married, I had to have Aria sing at my wedding. Sure enough, when I got engaged, she was the first person on my list to call. Aria is so considerate and thoughtful when she guides brides through selecting their music. She's very informative and knowledgeable, but is careful to lead the bride towards what will be personal and significant to HER wedding. With her years of diverse experience in all sorts of settings, she is also a helpful resource for decisions to make outside of singing. You ask her anything, and she's got a couple ideas in her back pocket! But I haven't even mentioned the performance. The simplest way for me to describe it was that I felt blessed. Blessed to know Aria and her mother Giovanna, blessed that they could be at and a part of my wedding, and blessed through their beautiful music. The guests at my wedding, religious or not, made a point of telling me how beautiful the music was. At the very minimum, Aria is a vocalist whose singing is an absolutely beautiful and memorable part of any wedding, religious or not. At the maximum, Aria is a trusted advisor who will create a beautiful, memorable and sacred ceremony for both you and your guests.

Danielle Salinas

Aria sang at my wedding in February. Her performance was better than I could have dreamed! My family and friends are still talking about her! Please believe her at rehearsal when she tells you that she does not need a mic! I got married at St.Jude's, and she belted with no problem! This lady comes highly recommended.

Nicole & Casey Aandahl

Aria's glorious voice and luminous presense was one of the absolute highlights of our wedding. Not only was her delivery of the music pitch perfect, but it had warmth and spirit. We had a full mass for our ceremony, and her heartfelt performance was consistent from start to finish. Thank you so much Aria - you really made our wedding perfect!

Drema McDonald

Aria?s voice is absolutely breathtaking. Her performance at my wedding was perfect from start to finish. Aria is both professional and friendly, and she makes music selection a stress-free process. We received so many compliments from our guests about how amazing her voice was, and we would certainly recommend her to anyone.

Ashley Pugeau Pearson

Guests from my wedding last May are still commenting on the voice of the "angel" that filled the church that night. Aria is so talented and a sweetheart to work with. she enthusiastically helped us select the music that would be perfect for our wedding and brought that music to life. I cannot recommend Aria enough. You won't be disappointed!

Jen Amato

"My experience with Aria was one I will never forget. I can remember walking into church that Sunday morning and Aria sitting down with us to pick out music for my Ceremony. She sang and the tears came rolling down my cheeks. At that moment everything became real to me and her voice made me emotional. From helping me pick out the music, to emailing her back and forth with questions, to finally the Wedding Day arriving - Aria was amazing! I am so thankful she was a part of my Wedding experience. I will never forget the day when I first met her and heard her voice. Like an angel. Thank you Aria for everything! God Bless. Love, Mr & Mrs. Randy Greff Jr. "

Aria M. Mason

Thanks to everyone who has posted thus far...I appreciate it! Please tell your friends about the site so that they can learn more about my music and upcoming performances, and hope to see you all at one soon! Thanks again, Aria

Richard Blinkoff

Aria: I am very proud of the photography I?ve done with opera singers. Many of them have left testimonials on my site detailing the experience and the wonderful work they received. If you might need to refresh your web site and promotional photography soon, please take a look at the portfolios on the link below. Thank you. Richard Blinkoff


Thank you Aria for reaching the souls of so many with your God given talents! The world is much brighter for me when I listen to wonderful music and songs, specifically opera. It was my mothers favorite and my father would enjoy it as well. Thank you for sharing!

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Wayne C Paysse

You & your Mom really amaze me by rising from the devastation of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I still fondly remember the concert @ Catholic University.& the morning Jan & I spent with you in old town Alexandria, VA. God Bless you & Merry Christmas wishes.

You & your Mom really amaze me by rising from the devastation of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I still fondly remember the concert @ Catholic University.& the morning Jan & I spent with you in old town Alexandria, VA. God Bless you & Merry Christmas wishes.

Shirley Wilson

Hi, Congratulations. This is nice and I am proud of you and Mom. Saw the pictures but have not heard the singing yet. I have listened to the tape. Go girls!

Halima Mason

Beautiful site Aria. Keep doing what you were born to do. Congratulations!!!!


Congrats on your new website. I enjoyed looking at your photos. Didn't stop and think about how much performing you've done in last couple of years - impressive! I liked seeing you in the various costumes, poses and "attitudes" of the different roles; but the photo I liked best says simply "Aria M. Mason" and is #10, I think. Very flattering. Again, congrats! June

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